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Pelican-Tech is a leading integration company with a team of over ten professionals. Pelican-Tech provides advanced consulting and implementation services for enterprises in the fields of information security and telecommunications, including analysis of security threats, with emphasis on the detection and prevention of cyberattacks. Pelican-Tech has proven success in improving the efficiency of remote employees with mobile devices in environments with multiple sites, and in the implementation of safety solutions for applications in private or public clouds.

Pelican Tech Ltd

Ledan Ben Yehuda

10th, Mordei Hagetaot Str 10th, Mordei Hagetaot Str
Kefar Saba , 4428206 Israel

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Address: 10th, Mordei Hagetaot Str 10th, Mordei Hagetaot Str, Kefar Saba, 4428206 Israel